“On a planet far in the future a new breed of creatures escapes their evil masters and encounters many scary adventures in their quest for love.”

Based on Aesop’s fables, the film subtext explores the relationship between the powerful and the oppressed in modern times.

The Noo Croo is a new independent feature production by Croo Studios of Vancouver, BC.  Over fifty original puppets were created for this film. The Noo Croo story is based on the classics of Aesop’s Fables and the Greeks and re-tells these ancient fables but set in the future.

A unique aspect of this movie is that besides the puppets being shot in live action, they are also animated.  This new combined effect creates a new genre of movie we like to call Puppet-mation™.

Technical specs: The movie is 89 minutes duration HD 1080p Apple ProRes 422 with original soundtrack.

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